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My Doula Service

First hospital water birth in the county! 
My Doula Service: What I offer.

Local Hospitals C-Section Rates vs. My Doula Clients: 1993-2009

My Doula Client's Birth Statistics: First 78 Births

My Doula Client's Birth Statistics: 2010-2012

A triumphantly joyous second birth
heals the trauma of her first.
Lovely vaginal birth after a cesarean.

Helping mom focus during pushing
 at  a homebirth.

Client Testamonials

Birth Stories: My Doula Clients

Helping dads feel comfortable in their role.
What Does a Doula Do?
Why You Want to Hire a Doula

Supporting the family
no matter where their path leads.
Finding Your Path; two women's stories

My Greatest Challenge as a Hospital Doula

Guiding a family through the choice
 to birth in a birth center.

Hospital births can be amazing too!

Keeper of the Space: 
poem by a doula 

The Pendulum Swings

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Experienced breastfeeding support.
A satisfied repeat client.


After 17 years of educating pregnant couples and supporting nearly 80 women in labor I decided I wanted to connect with women in a new way to share the wisdom I had gleaned; my new baby, a doula blog, was born. Read, enjoy, empower yourself!

My Journey: A Simple Question

Learn how one question propeled me onto the path to being a doula. read more

Starting Your Doula Search: My Role as Your Doula

My wish is to help you create as positive a birth experience as possible. Birthing is an incredibly intimate moment and should be shared only with people you trust... read more

The Politics of Birth: A Sign on a Door

Hospital is upfront about their belief that natural birth is less safe,parents don't have the right to make choices during birth, or have a doula attend their birth. read more

Getting Educated: Parenting 101

Sitting in Colby & John's livingroom, sharing food, sharing, friendship, sharing stories...birth classes, your ticket to the greatest adventure of your lives... read more

Community Outreach

Listen to My Recent Local Radio Appearance: Dave Congalton Midwifery Discussion. listen

Let's Communicate!

Send me an email. I'll send you email about community events and news, upcoming classes, new resources, and my writings.

Your Birth Rights

INFORMED CONSENT; what it is and what it isn't
In the Spirit of Informed Consent: Making an Informed Decision. A frank discussion about risk using the H1N1 vaccine as an example.

Why you need to Question Authority!: Understanding U.S. Birth Trends & How They Might Effect You

An example of why pregnant or birthing mothers must be vigilant protecting their right to informed consent: More on Why Women Need to Question Authority

A Positive Cesarean Birth (with video): You have a right to as natural & positive cesarean birth as possible!

Understanding off label drugs used by your OB on you: Let's Talk About Off Label Use, Cytotec and You

More on understanding off label drug use: Popular Antidepressant Linked to Major Birth Defects

A Sign on a Door: Utah Hospital Objects to Doulas, Bradley and Birth Plans. Find out what's happening in our community.

Informed Consent: Local Woman Given Medication Without Her Knowledge. Read about one of my many hospital experiences concerning this topic.

Shocking Article in Huffington Post: Can a Laboring Woman's State of Mind be Used to Force Her to Have a Surgical Birth? Can Her Refusal to Undergo Major Abdominal Surgery be Used to Remove Her Child from Her Care? Read about this tragic New Jersey Case.

Kangaroo Care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Wonderful story of how one woman stood up for her rights in the midst of a very difficult situations.

New Guidelines Aim to Reduce Repeated C-Sections: Putting this national story into local, historical, political and doula perspective.

Why you should think twice before saying yes to a repeat cesarean section: Good Newsweek Article on V-BACS

Rise in California Maternal Death Rate Linked to Cesarean Sections. Learn why you might want to skip that induction or planned C-section.

A Safe Place: Our International Cesarean Awareness Network(ICAN). Why is the need for this important organization re-emerging in our community?

One Cesarean Story: Bodie's Birth; an example of how our system should work.

Check out this great new site with lots of vbac info.

Health-care Legislation Increases Birth Options: Women Covered by Medicaid are Insured for Delivery at Birth Centers as well as Hospitals. Read my commentary published in the New Times.

The Day President Obama Signed the Health Care Bill: Read my viewpoint published in The Tribune about how this will benifit women across America.

A Victory for Mothers and Babies. Hear what the Mama Campaign has to say about passage of the Health Care Bill.

More Great News about the Health Care Legislation. Hear what Childbirth Connection has to say about the Bill.

E-mail Correspondence with Congresswoman Lois Capps. Hear what she says about her role in expanding women's birth choices.

Ina May's thoughts: Comparing the medical view of women's bodies and birth to the midwifery model. 

More wisdom from Ina May: Why Homebirth is Necessary.

Have you checked out the Birth Survey to learn what other moms have to say?

Hear my speech at historic Midwifery Celebration.

Speaking for Midwives: My thoughts on why midwives and midwifery are important.

Midwifery; a David and Goliath Tale: Learn about the struggle midwives and birthing women have had over the centuries.

How One Midwife Has Made a Difference in Our Community: Sandy Rodriguez has Touched the Lives of thousands of Women in Our Community. Learn about the dollars and cents impact of midwifery care.

A Good Midwife: My thoughts on some of the things I believe makes a good midwife, no matter where she practices.

Community Activist & Personal Doula Journey Writings


My Articles in Print: Women's Press

My Articles in Print: Central Coast Families

My Articles in Print: New Times

My Articles in Print: The Tribune

Guest Lecturer: Cal Poly

A Simple Question: How a Friend's Question Began my Doula Journey. Starting a new life.

The First Simple Question: If Not This Then What? How changes in my life propelled me on my birth path.

My Son's Birth: Listen to my speech at the International Day of the Midwife Celebration to hear about my son's birth.

Sisterhood: A Mother Valuing her Daughter. Read about honoring our daughters as they become women.

Birthing a Blog: How Did this Whole Thing Start.

Birth Thoughts: The Transformational Power of Birth. A Poem

The Seamstress: dedicated to all the women who have suffered grief over their birth experience. A Poem

The Wisdom of Mares Series: How my doula journey began in pastures, arenas and barns.

The Sisters of My Heart Collection: Meet the Women who Enrich my Life with Meaning and Purpose.

My Classes & Pregnancy Topics

"Excellent nutrition includes pure water, controlled breath, abundant light, loving and respectful relationships, beauty and harmony in daily life, joyous thoughts and vital foodstuffs."

Susan Weed


Why Should I Bother with Birth Classes?: See how a good birth preparation series can help you and your partner.

Pregnancy Class: Getting Your Pregnancy Off to a Great Start!

Mind, Heart & Body Birth Preparation Class Outline: See What I Teach

Childbirth Classes: Basic Information

Intro to Parenting 101 a Prerequisite to Parenting 102: Your Ticket to the Greatest Adventure of Your Lives. See what a typical class is like.

Class Client Testatmonials: Hear What Clients Have to Say.


Ideas for Creating a Healthy Pregnancy: Info on various local wellness resources and why they are important for your pregnancy.

Your Nutritional Path: I Grew Up on Wonder Bread Sugar Butter Sandwiches; confessions of a birth educator

Finding Your Path: two women's stories

Why Does Birth Feel Like This?: Wonderful quote on the process of becoming a mother and mothering.

To Clamp or Not to Clamp? That is the Question!: Video demonstration of the importance of waiting to cut the cord.

Your Baby's First Latch: video of initiating breastfeeding via breast crawl.

Baby's First Bath: rethinking this bonding tradition.

What My Husband Didn't Do: How a dad can make all the difference when it comes to breastfeeding.

New Research into Bonding with Your Baby: Latest info backs up what our hearts have been telling us.

More Good News About Breastfeeding: Latest studies on health benefits for mom and baby & it's financial impact.

Deciding about Giving Vitamin K to Your Newborn?: Learn the pros and cons, why, when and how.

Family Bed: Learn About the Latest Information on the Benefits vs. Risks of Sleeping with Your Baby.

Mothering as a Spritual Quest: Something to think about as you are about to embark on the most incredible experience of your life: motherhood.

Making a Baby Shower Special: Advice on Creating a Heartfelt Experience.

Making the Decision about Where to Birth; Hospital or Home: Read one woman's story.

Deciding about Circumcision: Hear what a pediatric urologist has to say.

If Your Baby is Breech: Turning your baby, new research on safety, & decisions to make.

Why African Babies Don't Cry: A Kenyan woman shares her grandmother's wisom on mothering.

Prenatal Water Massage: Help for the aches and pains of pregnancy, as well as, high blood pressure & sciatica. A blissful way to learn deep relaxation, breathing & movement for birth.

Why You Need to Create a Healthy Balanced Pregnancy: How your choices can effect your child's health the rest of their lives.

New Mothers Grow Bigger Brains: Study shows significant brain development in women after giving birth

Massage Therapy-More Than Just Pampering: Learn how prenatal massage can promote a healthy pregnancy and support women experiencing difficulties.