Friday, January 23, 2009


After 17 years of educating pregnant couples and supporting nearly 80 women in labor I decided I wanted to connect with women in a new way to share the wisdom I had gleaned; my new baby, a doula blog, was born. Read, enjoy, empower yourself!

My Journey: A Simple Question

Learn how one question propeled me onto the path to being a doula. read more

Starting Your Doula Search: My Role as Your Doula

My wish is to help you create as positive a birth experience as possible. Birthing is an incredibly intimate moment and should be shared only with people you trust... read more

The Politics of Birth: A Sign on a Door

Hospital is upfront about their belief that natural birth is less safe,parents don't have the right to make choices during birth, or have a doula attend their birth. read more

Getting Educated: Parenting 101

Sitting in Colby & John's livingroom, sharing food, sharing, friendship, sharing stories...birth classes, your ticket to the greatest adventure of your lives... read more

Community Outreach

Listen to My Recent Local Radio Appearance: Dave Congalton Midwifery Discussion. listen

Let's Communicate!

Send me an email. I'll send you email about community events and news, upcoming classes, new resources, and my writings.

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