Sunday, May 12, 2013

From a New Mother

Beautiful Ruby Jo
I receive many sweet cards and thank yous after births. I treasure them all. Here is one from a mother who came to me fairly sure she wanted an epidural and a husband who was wishing that she wouldn't. We spent many hours together in their home eating, talking, learning and sharing. Of course her birth didn't go anything as she had envisioned. Here is what she wrote to me several months afterwards.

"Thank you Jennifer for all of your encouragement, support & empowerment that helped to bring out the strength I doubted I had to bring Ruby into this world without drugs & very little intervention. I honestly never expected to be able to make it through the birth without an epidural. I feel strong & have never felt more proud of this accomplishment.

Your support before, during & after the birth will always be remembered & appreciated. Thank  you for all that you do for the families in our community. We are lucky to have you!