Friday, January 23, 2009

My Doula Service

First hospital water birth in the county! 
My Doula Service: What I offer.

Local Hospitals C-Section Rates vs. My Doula Clients: 1993-2009

My Doula Client's Birth Statistics: First 78 Births

My Doula Client's Birth Statistics: 2010-2012

A triumphantly joyous second birth
heals the trauma of her first.
Lovely vaginal birth after a cesarean.

Helping mom focus during pushing
 at  a homebirth.

Client Testamonials

Birth Stories: My Doula Clients

Helping dads feel comfortable in their role.
What Does a Doula Do?
Why You Want to Hire a Doula

Supporting the family
no matter where their path leads.
Finding Your Path; two women's stories

My Greatest Challenge as a Hospital Doula

Guiding a family through the choice
 to birth in a birth center.

Hospital births can be amazing too!

Keeper of the Space: 
poem by a doula 

The Pendulum Swings

 Meet Me at BBRN's Free Information Nights!

Experienced breastfeeding support.
A satisfied repeat client.

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