Friday, November 6, 2009

My Doula Service

"Every woman deserves to be treasured. 
Every new family needs to be nurtured. 
Every new life must be welcomed with the tenderness of touch that says 
we're so happy you are here."

Jennifer Stover

Perhaps the most important part of being a good doula is getting to know you. This is your birth, not mine. For me to be an effective doula I need to understand what is important to you, what your core beliefs are about birth, what your strengths and weaknesses are as a person and a couple, and what are your biggest fears or concerns. Combining this information with my knowledge and experience of normal labor I can effectively guide you toward a positive birth.

I meet with my clients for three
Team Building sessions. In these we cover
  • your medical history
  • a careful examination of your past births to provide clarity
  • discuss your hopes, dreams and fears for this birth
  • educate you on issues you should discuss with your care provider and how to present your questions or concerns to them
  • formulate a birth plan that will be well received by your care providers as a communication tool
  • encourage both individual and couple communication and growth
  • discuss with your partner what role they would be most comfortable with
I am available for Telephone Consultations for information, advice support, and a sympathetic ear throughout your pregnancy. I want to foster good communication between you and your care provider so before prenatal appointments I will explain what to expect and questions you should ask. After appointments we will discuss any issues that came up and how you feel about them.
As needed I will Attend a Prenatal Appointment. Occasionally a woman needs some additional support at a stressful appointment. Also if I have never worked with your care provider I would like the opportunity to meet him or her before labor begins.
Early Labor Support starts with telephone guidance on remembering how long early labor can last, conserving energy, advice on coping with early labor sensations.
Active Labor Support starts with helping you to make a good decision on when to go to the hospital. Most women prefer to stay at home as long as possible but do want to get to the hospital in time. I may come to your home to begin hands on support or meet you at the hospital if you have decided to go there. For a homebirth mom this is when I would arrive at her home.
From this point on I give Continuous Care and Support. I will stay with you round the clock until your newborn arrives; no shift changes, lunch breaks or office hours. Some babies arrive in a few hours and some need a few days. I will not leave until your baby is nursing at your breast and you are through the initial postpartum adjustment period. You and your labor are my only focus. I will provide confident hands on guidance and support for you and your partner on coping with labor, encouraging labor and working with the natural rhythms of labor. I will foster an atmosphere that will allow couples to remain connected and caring. I will try to facilitate clear communication between you, your care provider and the staff. I will stand with you as you face whatever challenges may come your way.
I do one Postpartum Visit with my moms. This is your opportunity to ask questions and discuss feelings about your birth, and to think about how this birth might affect future births. I want you to have clarity and understanding about your experience. I check in on how all the family is doing and guide you on how to get through this challenging time. I watch your little one feed and give suggestions and encouragement for successful breastfeeding. Before I leave I check out your sleeping space and help you develop a safe sleep plan so everyone can rest.

I know the transformative power of birth. You will be changed by this experience. I would be honored to be by your side during this miraculous process.

To discuss current fees and my availability 
please e-mail me at 
or call me at 473-3746
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