Saturday, November 7, 2009

Childbirth Classes

Labor of Love childbirth classes are designed to educate, support and guide you during the transforming process of pregnancy, birth and parenting. I have created a series of classes weaving together the best ideas and information from Hypnobirthing, Birthing From Within, Bradley, and Informed Birth & Parenting, as well as, my own practical hospital and homebirth experience to empower couples during their birth journey. Support and information is given for all birth choices with the acknowledgment that only you know what is best for you and your baby.

I find a mix of hospital and homebirth couples sparks the deepest learning. Discussing differences and listening to each other is a powerful tool. Each couple becomes clearer on their values and how they effect their choices.

The classes are broken down into four learning area:
  • Intellectual Learning: Lecture, movies, demonstrations, reading and visual aids.
  • Physical Learning: Active birth positions practice, birth rehearsals, hands on partner training, role playing.
  • Psychological Learning: Group discussion, free association writing, art exploration, communication exercises, and sharing.
  • Skills Practice: Deep Relaxation, yoga breathing, visualization, and vocalizing.

Through this work the couple grows closer and becomes confident facing the coming challenges of the sights, sounds, sensations and decisions surrounding the birth of their baby.

I think the classes are most effective when people feel safe enough to relax and really share with the group. Therefore I prefer to teach in the warmth and intimacy of a home, either my own in Oceano or a client's. I also limit my classes to 5 couples.

My full series is 11 three hour classes. I strongly encourage first time moms or moms unhappy with a past birth experience to take a full series. I also teach a short refresher series for experienced moms. Although week-ends are usually best, I am very flexible and try to arrange a day and time that accommodates everyone.

Contact me for current fees and schedule at 473-3746.

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