Monday, November 2, 2009

My Birth Statistics for Doula Clients

March 1993 - September 2009

Total Births attended 78

Home Births 6
Hospital Births 72
Hospital Water Births 3

Unmedicated Vaginal Birth of Twins 2 sets
VBAC Attempts 8
Hospitals Worked In 7

All of my doula client's births are included in my statistics. Recently I learned that the hospitals exclude breech babies, premature babies, herpes outbreak in mom and twins in their statisitcs. To compare my rate using this criteria please read: Local Hospitals Cesarean Section Rates vs. My Doula Clients.

Total Vaginal Birth Rate 86%
This rate includes V-BAC attempts, herpes outbreak, breeches & twins

Total Without Pain Medication 89%

Total Epidural Rate 9%
Epidural for normal labor 3%
Epidural confined to Bed 1%
Epidural with Pitocin 4%
Epidural with Pitocin &
confined to Bed 1%

Total IV Pain Medication Rate 6%
IV Medication for normal labor 3%
IV Medication with Pitocin 3%

Total Pitocin Rate 14%
Induction Rate 7%
Augmentation Rate 7%

Total Cesarean Section Rate 14%
This rate includes V-BAC attempts, herpes outbreak & breeches

Total Cesarean Rate with Labor 7%

First time moms with spontaneous labor 1%
First time moms with induction

Second time moms with induction 1%

Second time moms with spontaneous labor 0%

VBAC moms with spontaneous labor 3%
VBAC moms with induction 1%

Total Cesarean Rate with No Labor 8%

VBAC moms with no labor 3%
First time moms with no labor 5%
Reasons: Breeches, baby size, post dates, herpes outbreak

VBAC Rates
Successful Vaginal Births
Spontaneous labor 37%
Induced labor 0%

Second Cesarean Birth
Spontaneous Labor 25%
Induced Labor 12%
No Labor Repeat Section Chosen 25%
Reasons: blood pressure, positioning, baby over 10 lbs.

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