Saturday, November 7, 2009

Class Outline

The Nuts & Bolts: Understanding Giving Birth

The physical process of normal birth from beginning to end
Exploring our beliefs
Homebirth; a window into how women’s bodies birth & the importance of Ina May & the Farm
Learning the lingo of birth professionals
Shifting our consciousness: Do our words matter?
Reclaiming the pushing stage
Relaxation; how & why
Yoga breathing for birth

Becoming an Educated Consumer 

Communication, the cornerstone of preparing a good birth team
Understanding the benefits, risks & limitations of medical choices
Choices in pharmaceutical pain relief
Stepping off the natural birth path; the domino theory & birth
Working within the system to achieve the birth you want
The art of negotiation
Claiming your territory
Being proactive about episiotomy
Role playing

If a Problem Arises 

Putting emergencies and complications in perspective
How much do you know?
Let’s review
Putting things in perspective
Understanding when & how to be part of the decision making team
When to turn your birth over to the pros & what they can do to make it come out right
Understanding grief & the shadow side of birth
Reconnecting with the safety, ease & simplicity of birth

Facing Our Fears

Exploring our fears
Actively preventing our fears from becoming our reality
The power of positive affirmations
Positive cesareans?: Understanding the process & your choices
Keeping your dreams for your birth intact
Owning your responsibility for your birth
Exploring our beliefs
Birth plans: how & why
The sounds of birth
Letting go of your fears
The sounds of birth: group vocalizing! 

The Forgotten Side of Birth; Our Emotions

Traveling through Labor Land: recognizing normal psychological sign posts
Delving deeper into the mind/body connection
Exploring our beliefs
Dealing with emotional blockages
Birth as part of our sexual life?
Working with birth “energy”
Learning to be “present” for her through your touch & intent
Birth Rehearsal
Relaxation and visualization practice


Tips for your primary support person
Can he do it all?
Doulas vs. family or friends
Preparing for the physical challenges he faces
Positions practice for active labor & birth
Using your environment
Belly Dancing for labor
More relaxation; letting your "coach" know what works best for you
Birth Rehearsal

Focusing On The Baby

Welcoming this vulnerable new life
Exploring our beliefs
Recognizing your baby’s perfection & abilities
Assuming immediate parental responsibility
Choices to be made
Bonding, breastfeeding & bliss!
Final Birth Rehearsal

Becoming Parents Potluck

Parenting Consciously
Looking at our parenting messages
Being the "ideal" parent
Becoming a family/losing a couple
Nurturing yourselves through this stressful life changing transformation
Learn from experts: Parents of new babies return to share their experiences

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