Sunday, May 13, 2012

Speaking for Midwives at SLO's Historic Celebration

This is Nora Lewis the certified nurse midwife who caught my son at Sierra Vista Hospital in 1990. That birth changed my life forever and set me on the path to becoming a doula. When it was over I had many hurt and angry feelings and a million questions. After being part of many women's births over the years I have grown in my understanding of what occurred during my own labor and have come to a new perspective and deep appreciation for my midwife. Working side by side with many different midwives has given me a great respect for the women who answer the midwifery call and dedicate their professional lives to helping women all around the world. I was honored to give a speech about midwifery at the Birth & Baby Resource Network's historic celebration for the International Day of the Midwife and I was very grateful to be able to publicly thank Nora Lewis for her courageous stand with me that long ago August day.
My Speech.