Friday, January 23, 2009

Community Activist & Personal Doula Journey Writings


My Articles in Print: Women's Press

My Articles in Print: Central Coast Families

My Articles in Print: New Times

My Articles in Print: The Tribune

Guest Lecturer: Cal Poly

A Simple Question: How a Friend's Question Began my Doula Journey. Starting a new life.

The First Simple Question: If Not This Then What? How changes in my life propelled me on my birth path.

My Son's Birth: Listen to my speech at the International Day of the Midwife Celebration to hear about my son's birth.

Sisterhood: A Mother Valuing her Daughter. Read about honoring our daughters as they become women.

Birthing a Blog: How Did this Whole Thing Start.

Birth Thoughts: The Transformational Power of Birth. A Poem

The Seamstress: dedicated to all the women who have suffered grief over their birth experience. A Poem

The Wisdom of Mares Series: How my doula journey began in pastures, arenas and barns.

The Sisters of My Heart Collection: Meet the Women who Enrich my Life with Meaning and Purpose.

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