Tuesday, March 23, 2010

E-Mail Correspondence with Congresswoman Capps

Here is the e-mail I sent to Betsy Umhofer, Representative Capps' local Liaison and Congresswoman Capps' reply.

Dear Ms. Umhofer,

I would like to thank you and Representative Capps for your work on the Health Care Bill, especially the part that includes Medicaid reimbursement for Certified Nurse Midwives & Certified Professional Midwives working in out of hospital birth centers. Your work will provide quality maternity care for many women in our community who seek out of hospital birth experiences. I have written a piece about the legislation on my blog: http://slolaboroflovedoula.blogspot.com/2010/03/historic-health-care-bill-for-women.html.

I am currently working on an opinion piece about it for either New Times or Women’s Press. Would Congresswoman Capps care to send a quote about why she supported this piece of the overall bill and what she hopes will come from it?

Here is Congresswoman Capps' reply

"I know that bringing a new life into the world can be the most profound moment in a woman’s life. And I am proud that this new legislation will afford women more choices regarding the setting in which this momentous occasion can occur. One of the many important provisions in the new health reform legislation is the increased access to care in a variety of settings, including for women who choose to obtain prenatal care and deliver their babies in freestanding birth centers. I was proud to support this provision that assures these centers Medicaid reimbursement for providing this important service in promoting women’s health."

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