Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mothering as a Spiritual Quest

Below is a quote by Dr. Sarah Buckley,MD which I saw posted on FaceBook today. It immediately rang true for me and expressed a piece of mothering I have always felt. Who is really doing the growing; our children or ourselves? For me this was indistinguishable.

"In our society, mothering is often seen as a chore — a time in our lives
when we are unintellectual, and unproductive. There is, however, a radically different point of view,shared by many in other cultures, that sees mothering as a women's spiritual practice, and our babies as our teachers. We have the opportunity in mothering, as never before, to practise devotion, awareness, selflessness, and
unconditional love through our daily mothering tasks. Our intellectual
capacities may (or may not) be diminished, but our hearts and instincts
can bloom, and we can practise the mindfulness that allows us to be
totally in the present — in love with our babies and children — which is
where they are. Blessed be the babies."

I would love to share your thoughts on this quote with other about-to-be-mothers. Please post a comment.

This came from a new resource, a blog site about many issues in gentle parenting practices. To read about Elimination Communication, The Circumcision Decision, Baby Wearing, The No Cry Sleep Solution and many other topics visit:

Thank you to Pacha for posting this and for being a mindful mother.

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  1. exactly. i find this to be so true. i have felt myself change considerably being a mother-all in good ways. my son is exactly my opposite, so we are compliments, and he teaches me deep and affirming lessons every day. when he is not driving me insane, of course! April Worley