Thursday, April 29, 2010

Healthy Beginnings/Healthy Choices

Getting Your Pregnancy Off to a Great Start!

This is a new 3 class series focusing on pregnancy as opposed to labor & birth. For maximum benifit it should be taken as early as possible during pregnancy.

Healthy Beginnings for Baby
Viewing pregnancy as a state of health
Understanding the building blocks of a great pregnancy
Nurturing ourselves and our babies through nutrition & exercise

Making better choices
How our choices early in pregnancy can affect third trimester complications
What is getting in our way?

Unlocking the mystery of prenatal care

Healthy Beginnings for a Family
Bridging the gap between men & women's journeys through pregnancy

Enriching your relationship during this special time
Using communication & understanding to build strong bonds

A window into the miracle of creation

Healthy Choices for our Births
Freeing yourself to create the birth you want
How Did We Get Here?
Understanding how our past & our present influence our choices in childbirth.

Homebirth as the standard for normal birth & why
Issues of safety vs. risk
Your choice; doctor or midwife?

Components of a positive birth
Positive births can happen everywhere

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