Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some Truth about the Strength of Women

I recently ran into the quote on Facebook. I liked it so much I chose to use it as a cover on my Labor of Love Facebook page. Then I went searching to learn about Laura Harm. I immediately ran into this article; "Why Some Birth Quotes May Be Damaging to Women" on the Midwife International web site.  After carefully reading their post and the comments left by others I was drawn to leave this comment.

I have been a doula in San Luis Obispo for many years supporting women in the hospital and at home through medicated, un-medicated and cesarean births. I recently saw this quote and chose to put it on my doula facebook page. For most women birth IS painful. For most women it requires them to surrender in some form. Surrendering to your process where ever that process may lead, even into an operating room, IS the strength I see in this quote. Women ARE strong.The strength it takes to endure a surgery at the end of a long labor, the strength it takes to hold yourself together for the sake of your baby during an emergency cesarean, the strength it takes to surrender to the power of the process of dilation, the strength it takes to push a baby out of our bodies and into the world. This strength inspires me each time I am lucky enough to witness a birth, any birth. I make no distinction in my respect for birthing women, medicated, un-medicated, vaginal or surgical. ALL women are strong and need strength no matter how their baby arrives. I wish women could stop dividing themselves into groups. I wish women could stop feeling they are being judged and stop judging themselves. Filtered through our own souls this quote, like art, will mean something different to each of us. I am sorry it is painful for you. I wish you could see the beauty in this quote that I see. The acknowledgement that ALL women no matter how they birth are strong. You were strong.

I would like to know how YOU feel about this quote. I encourage you to read their article. Look deep into your soul. How does this quote make you feel? Who have you been judging?
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