Monday, February 1, 2010

Lisa Ann & Tracy's Gift

November 13, 2004

Dear Jennifer,

Over the past few months, we have tried to think of some gift that would precisely express our deep appreciation for your part in our son's birth. Any item we could think of minimized this expression. We would like instead, for this letter, a gift of the heart, to serve our purpose.

The work you did with us prior to Grant's arrival was an important part of our journey. You partnered with us in structuring our dream by getting us ready for the most monumental event of our lives. In the birthing classes we learned valuable information, imparted to us with tender care. Our personal meetings with you brought all three of us closer. The teaching we received about what to expect, how to prepare, how to ready ourselves as a couple, was invaluable. Though our birthing experience was surprising, we were as well prepared as possible thanks to your excellent instruction. But the word "instruction" doesn't speak to the heart you put into your work. You are so much more than a teacher and coach.

Our birthing experience was powerful and precipitous. We know it would have gone much differently had you not been a part. You kept us on track, you remembered our requests, and you honored the reality of what we were experiencing. We couldn't have asked for anything more than what you gave. You gave of yourself Jennifer and we can never equally repay you.

We believe that when we look into our son's bright, alert, attentive eyes-that you are partly responsible for that look. You kept us drug free! That is true even before the delivery as you worked with Lisa Ann on some health issues. You gave us an honorable birth. You walked with Lisa Ann into an inferno and helped her find a place she could survive. You steadied Tracy as he looked on as his son tore into the world much more frighteningly than we could have imagined. You maintained our dignity as you worked with us to create the birth you rememberd we wanted. In your own words, you gave us as much of our dream as you could.

You have become much more than a birthing coach. You are a friend. whatever paths our lives take, you will always have a special place in ours. How can we look at our son without remembering you? You have a gift and what you do is an artform. We know you put your heart and soul; into it and we want to recognize you for this immense effort.

Thank you Jennifer, for your part in Grant's arrival. Thank you for your care in the hospital and in the days afterward. Thank you for your continued presence in our lives. You are an angel.

With loving gratitude,
Lisa Ann & Tracy

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