Monday, February 1, 2010

Diane's Poem

December 25, 1997


When I try to put into words what we have achieved together, it seems so simple that the intensity is lost. I am left with emotions and the process which words can not recreate. Metaphors and poetry will have to suffice. . .

Thank you for offering your strength,
you became a safe harbor in a storm.

Thank you for seeing my vision
and allowing me to face my dragon
and ride it through the fire.

Thank you for sharing my excitement,
the magic of anticipation as the journey began.

Thank you for understanding each transformation,
as I became a person I did not know,
in a body no longer mine.

Thank you for cleansing my spirit,
as my body flowed from every pore.

Thank you for singing my song with me
and guiding it's harmony to follow nature's melody.

Wishing you love and peace this Christmas & New Year,


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