Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Danielle's Birth Class Testamonial

Jennifer Stover's classes worked for me not just once, but twice. Why? The first thing that drew me in was how Jennifer promotes Natural Birth. This was something I desired, but taking a series of Bradley Classes was just not going to work for my time schedule. I was able to pick and choose the classes that I was most interested in. Jennifer came to my house, and houses of other couples in the class, which made it very convenient. This also made it comfortable and helped my husband to relax a bit more and get involved in the curriculum. I love the graphic nature of Jennifer's classes. They are hands on, and the video's and pictures she shows are very real. It was empowering to me, to see real women in the throws of labor coming off victorious, having the Natural Birth they wanted. I feel that Jennifer's classes did just that for me. Her scientific approach to the way our bodies work and are made to do this, gave me the confidence I needed to have both of my babies the Natural way. If I were ever to find myself pregnant again, I would surely take Jennifer's classes a third time.

Dannielle Clemens

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  1. AGREED! Even though i ended up planning a c-section due to a breech baby, jennifer's classes were very useful even though i did not get the natural birth i was hoping for. she is very thorough, explicit, educates soon-to-be parent on the entire process from pregnancy to labor to having a newborn. she is also a fabulous resource to have and will tirelessly support you in your journey. thanks jennifer!