Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby Comes in a Rush!

This is the birth story of my second child born Feb. 2, 2010 at Twin Cities Hospital.

I loved being pregnant; (almost) everything about it. I had rather easy pregnancies compared to some that I've heard of before. I thank the Lord for that! Never got sick, although I did have some complications early on in this pregnancy and was advised to quit my housekeeping jobs. I was just over doing it. Had horrible pains one night, cramping, and some very heavy bleeding. I went into panic mode, expecting the worst. Spoke with the Dr. on call, went in for an emergency ultrasound early the next morning and discovered that everything was fine. Again, Thank you Lord!

Months later, we passed the due date of Jan 26th, patiently waiting for that moment. I was having contractions for about 2-3 weeks here and there, having a lot of "not sure if this is it moments" then finally, decided, since my Dr. suggested it, to have my membranes stripped. Not as painful as I thought it would be. Then that night, odd, right at 12:00AM , I woke up from just dozing off it seemed, to a light "pop" sound. Now, my water never broke with my first, they had to break it for me, so this was new to me. Even after hearing that, I just still wasn't sure if "this was it". I raised up in bed, stepped out of bed and felt a slight wetness, but again, I wasn't sure because this little guy had been SUPER low for a while now and I was loosing bladder control a lot, so I first thought, maybe he's putting enough pressure on me down there that I just trickled and didn't make it to the bathroom to pee.

Shortly after that though, I began having contractions and again, I still was not yet convinced that "this was it". My husband woke because he heard me pacing and breathing. I remember telling him, I'm just not sure if this is it or not, I'm not sure if you need to get out of bed yet. However, the contractions were coming a lot harder, painful, and more regular, & rather quickly. I finally told myself, ok, if this isn't it, I'm going to be upset because this hurts! I told my husband that I thought my water broke, but I wasn't sure. I was still trickling though, staying sort of wet.

Hubby decided to get up, saying that "well, we need to go to the hospital but let me brew a pot of coffee first". LOL. Taking our time, all the while they were getting more painful, I finally knew, this is it! I live about 10 minutes from Twin Cities Community Hospital. Thank goodness! We arrived at the hospital at 12:55AM. My pants were definitely wet at this point.

Now I had preregistered, but what the point of that was I have no idea. I get in there, they put me in the triage room, check me, I was 4cm dilated. They said, we'll get you checked in. I said, ok, I do want an epidural this time around. They said ok. He lives just around the corner and we'll get him here when we get you all checked in. Ok great. I was really looking forward to that this time. Things just don't always go as planned, not even for the nurses!
I was hurting, badly, feeling the urge to push like crazy. Telling them, I need it now, come on with it! I remember looking at this nurse, saying, I'm really not a mean person okay! They all still kept taking their time, getting me checked in, etc. Not sure what the hold up was. I just knew it was time to push. I was ready, breathing hard, trying to get through each contraction which at this point was back to back, barely a break at all. I was beginning to think they didn't know what they were doing and that maybe I should of been doing this on my own, because really, I was. My husband just stared at me telling me no, don't push yet.

Finally, still not checked in, another nurse comes to check and see how far I am, keep in mind, only about 15-20 mins had gone by since I got there. I was at 8cm. and there was blood, I was ready. Suddenly I saw the panic in their faces a bit, scurrying around, rushing a bit more now, saying get the Dr. it's time. I asked for an epidural yet again, they said, "oh honey, it's to late for that." I was mad because I was trying to tell them, I needed to push, why don't they listen!?! I'm still in the triage room when the Dr. comes in no scrubs or nothing, saying she hopes for nothing to get on her shoes. I remember thinking, woman, I don't care about your shoes! My husband refers to the bed as a "transformer bed" as quickly as they got this thing ready for what was about to happen!

I was so worried about tearing because I did with my first and that is what I remember most about my first delivery because when I went to pee afterwards, the best way to describe it was like "peeing razor blades", I did not want that to happen again! That is what I was terrified most of! But, one big long push, (and feeling some poop come out as well, eww, embarrassing, but I knew the doctor had seen it before), there he was! It was 1:38AM, I had arrived at the hospital at 5 minutes to 1:00 and he was born at 1:38. Even they were shocked and surprised at how quickly he came. And I didn't tear! YEAH!
7pounds 8ounces. 20in long. Baby Boy Landon. Feb 2, 2010.

(Jennifer-one hour 38 minutes from start to finish! What a mad rush this birth must have been. These fast births take every one's breath away. Often the hospital staff is caught off guard because they have many first time moms come in thinking they are far into labor when they aren't. I never doubt a second time birther. If they say the baby is coming or they have to push you better believe them! I don't know why the OB staff still disbelieves the mom until they prove it to themselves via a vaginal check.)
Now during the stay at the hospital, they informed me that they were going to do a drug test on me and the baby because of how quickly he was born. They said they had seen it where people place bets on when the baby is going to be born and so they'll win, they drug induce labor. I was shocked, blown away at what I had just heard. Wow.

A while later, I did get the medical bill and I called and got an itemized detail of the charges of my stay, on that list was about 8 lab tests they had done for testing for 8 different drugs. Each one costing $200-$500. I think it was about $2800+ worth of tests. Crazy! I called and disputed it, saying, you didn't ask me for these tests, you took it upon yourself and said that it's hospital protocol that you do it, so I don't feel like I should have to pay for this (we did have insurance, but still). They, without question, took all 8 off of the bill. Very interesting I thought.

(Jennifer-I have never heard of this before.)
So, you'd think as fast as that was, my birth story would be shorter. LOL. But here I am, blessed with 2 beautiful boys! Both naturally. Even though I had planned on having an epidural the second time around, it just didn't happen that way. Someone else had a different plan and I just took a deep breath and said ok, here we go. I CAN DO THIS! That was that! Now my husband and I are all done. Two kids is enough for us. Especially 2 boys with my husbands blood running through them! LOL.


(I e-mailed Jackie to ask her how far past her due date she was when the doctor first suggested she have her membranes stripped.)

Jackie wrote:
"Let's see, I was 1 week past. My Doctor had actually mentioned it to me before. I was 3 cm dilated for a couple of weeks. After he was born, the nurse said, I was even further along than the due date they had given me as well. "

(Goodness a good doula would know that any second time mom who has been hanging out at 3 centimeters for a couple of weeks and then goes into strong back to back contractions is going to move very quickly! As to due dates, don't even get me started. They are notorious for being off regardless of ultrasound technology. After babies are born the nurse does an assessment to try to guesstimate how developed your baby is, which helps them know how many weeks gestation actually occurred before the baby was born.)

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