Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good News about V-BACS!

Women need to think twice before they put their lives at risk by saying yes to a repeat elective cesarean! This was just forwarded to me from our local ICAN chapter leader about a new VBAC safety study:

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Found to be Safer for Moms than an Elective Repeat Cesarean

A study appearing in the June edition of the journal Obstetrics andGynecology reviews evidence about maternal and neonatal outcomes relating to vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). The study authors identified relevant studies from multiple searches of MEDLINE, DARE and the Cochrane data bases(1980 to September 2009) and from recent systematic reviews, reference lists, editorials, Web sites and experts. Overall, there were low rates of maternal harm for both trial of labor and elective repeat cesarean delivery. Maternal mortality rates were higher for elective repeat cesarean delivery at 0.013% compared with 0.004% for trial of labor. Rates of maternal hysterectomy, hemorrhage and transfusions were similar for both trial of labor and elective repeat cesarean delivery. Perinatal mortality was increased for trial of labor (0.13% compared with 0.05% for elective repeat cesarean delivery. The study authors concluded that VBAC is a reasonable choice for the majority of women, since adverse outcomes were rare.

To access the full study online, go to:


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